Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Distance Between Us
By Kasie West

4.5 out of 5

Caymen Meyers works at her mom's doll shop, and sells dolls to the rich on a daily basis. She doesn't enjoy it, but Caymen understands their financial situation and she isn't making any vocal complaints. Xander Spence is a pretty rich boy who comes into her store to buy a doll for his grandmother. Xander is charming, and very rich, but Caymen has spent her entire life not trusting rich people, why would Xander be any different? Together they strike up an unlikely friendship, that could be leading to more than just some laughs, but things keep getting in the way. Can Caymen learn to trust Xander, or will he turn out to be like every other rich snob she's ever known?

This book is so cute, it was the perfect end of summer read. Light and easy, it was relaxing and a quick read. I really liked Caymen, she is really sarcastic, but I love sarcasm and I found her really funny and relatable. And of course, who wouldn't love Xander? He is dreamy and charming and he has a great smile. Their story is adorable and I only wish that there was more of it.

In my opinion the book ends kind of abruptly. There are so many things that are left unsaid that I feel should be answered. What's going to happen to Caymen's mom and the store. Will Sean and Vivian be a part of Caymen's life now? Will they pay for college? What happens next with Xander and Caymen? I'm calling for a sequel because I want to know what happens!

P.S. I don't understand the cover photo, at no time during the entire book, does Caymen wear a pink dress. She wears a black dress, but no pink.


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