Sunday, May 27, 2012

City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5)
by Cassandra Clare

5 out of 5

Fifth book in the Mortal Instruments series, Sebastian has taken Jace away and no one knows where they are. Then one night, they show up in Clary's bedroom ask her to come with them. Knowing that this may be the only chance the Shadowhunters have to finding out what Sebastian's plan is, Clary goes with them. Clary has to figure out what Sebastian is planning before it is too late. Alec, Isabelle, Simon, Magnus, Maia, and Jordan do their best to come up with a way to kill Sebastian, and get Jace and Clary out alive.

I loved this book!!!! At the end of City of Fallen Angels, I was so angry about how it ended, so I was really worried what would happen in this book. But it was amazing!! I loved it right from the beginning, it was fabulous and sexy and great. Cassandra Clare can do no wrong in my eyes, and her two most recent books (this one and Clockwork Prince) have been, in my opinion, her best. I absolutely cannot wait for the sixth book, City of Heavenly Fire.
Grave Mercy
by Robin LaFevers

4 out of 5

Young Ismae has known nothing but humiliation and pain in her short life. The painful scar running down shows that her mother tried to kill her before she was born, but failed. Ismae is marked by St. Mortain, saint of death, and so the night after she is sold to her "husband" the covenant of St. Mortain comes and saves her. At the covenant, Ismae is trained in how to kill a man, with any weapon. She is one of Death's handmaidens, and nothing makes Ismae happier than carrying out her gods wishes. That is until she is assigned to the council of the duchess of Brittany, charged to find the traitors within the duchesses court, and falls in love with a main suspect. Ismae must now choose whether to follow her covenant and it's rules or follow her heart, and discern for herself who are the traitors and who are loyal to the duchess.

This book started off slow, but once it got going it was really good. I liked the twists in the story as well as the moral and emotional struggles Ismae has to deal with. All of her emotion, willingness to serve, and then doubt of motives is easy to feel and is thoroughly well written.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Mockingbirds
By Daisy Whitney

4.5 out of 5

Alex Patrick wakes up in the bed of a boy she barely knows. This boy, Carter, tells her that they had sex. Humiliated, Alex heads back to her own room, where she tells her roommate and best friend, T.S. T.S. tells Alex that if Alex was unable to remember last night, due to being drunk, then Alex was raped. With this, Alex and T.S. go to the Mockingbirds. The Mockingbirds are the student run police of Themis Academy. In a school where the teachers are oblivious, it falls to the students to police themselves and punish those who wronged others. Will the Mockingbirds hear Alex's case? Will they be able to help her get over this ordeal?

I really liked this book. I hadn't known what the book was about when I first picked it, so I was a little taken aback by the subject content, but I loved it. The story is so flawlessly realistic, and at the same time tremendously inspiring. Alex deals with her emotions in a really real way, and I feel like this could be any girl I know. Very good, going to read the next one (The Rivals)!

Monday, May 14, 2012

I've Got Your Number
By Sophie Kinsella

1 out of 5

Poppy Wyatt is living her dream: engaged to a handsome and brilliant man, working her dream job, and her wedding only a week again. Then she loses her heirloom engagement ring. Then her phone is stolen. She finds a phone abandoned in a trash can and takes it. This phone belonged to a former personal assistant of a man named Sam. Sam is rough and impersonal, but Poppy slowly develops a relationship with him by reading his emails and texts before forwarding them to Sam.

I gave up on this book a few days ago, I've just been to busy to post it. I really thought I was going to like this book. I generally like Sophie Kinsella. I like the light, British, cutesy aspects of her writing. The stories are funny and adorable and British. But I really didn't like this. I didn't finish it, I didn't even read half of it. This book reminded too much of Love the One Your With by Emily Giffin. Same thing with Giffin, I had liked her other books but I didn't like that one. I don't like the story line of Love the One Your With and I had a feeling that I've Got Your Number was heading the same way, and I didn't want to read a story like that again.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Cardturner
By Louis Sachar

3 out of 5

Alton Richards had never even heard of bridge before his "favorite uncle" asked him to be his cardturner. Trapp (Alton's uncle) is a master bridge player, but due to health complications has lost his eyesight. Alton is Trapp's eyes and hands. He tells Trapp what cards he has, and then plays the cards Trapp tells him to play. But there is much more going on than what appears on the service. Lost love, betrayal, humor, and a lot of bridge fills the pages of this book.

This is my brother's book, and I picked up one day and started reading it. It was pretty good. There is a lot of bridge in this book. I think I could play a game of bridge now, it's very thourough. But the story line is nice and enjoyable. Louis Sachar is a good writer and he makes the characters very relatable, but with just the right touch of humor. And it's not overly romantic, for those of you who feel like throwing up at the idea of epic love stories.