Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Cardturner
By Louis Sachar

3 out of 5

Alton Richards had never even heard of bridge before his "favorite uncle" asked him to be his cardturner. Trapp (Alton's uncle) is a master bridge player, but due to health complications has lost his eyesight. Alton is Trapp's eyes and hands. He tells Trapp what cards he has, and then plays the cards Trapp tells him to play. But there is much more going on than what appears on the service. Lost love, betrayal, humor, and a lot of bridge fills the pages of this book.

This is my brother's book, and I picked up one day and started reading it. It was pretty good. There is a lot of bridge in this book. I think I could play a game of bridge now, it's very thourough. But the story line is nice and enjoyable. Louis Sachar is a good writer and he makes the characters very relatable, but with just the right touch of humor. And it's not overly romantic, for those of you who feel like throwing up at the idea of epic love stories.

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