Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cross My Heart, Hope to Die (The Lying Game #5)
By Sara Shepard

4.5 out of 5

From the outside Sutton Mercer couldn't seem to be happier. She has a great group of friends, a loving family, and a doting boyfriend. But looks can be deceiving. Because Sutton Mercer is actually Emma Paxton, and she is definitely not all right. Things wrong with Emma's life? One, Thayer Vega, Sutton's boyfriend, is back in town, and he's having a little trouble figuring out why Sutton isn't with him anymore. Two, Emma's mom just showed up, and her dad--check that, her grandfather--wants to keep this information secret. But is Becky a danger?? Mr. Mercer says that she's unstable, but does he even know the half of it? What if Becky was the one who killed Sutton, and then has been watching Emma, making sure she plays her roll correctly.
Yay!! I'm so excited to finally read this! This book was so good!! Emma has really stepped into Sutton's spot so well, and you get to see the repercussions of constantly pretending to be something you're not. But whenever Emmas starts to lose herself, Ethan is right there to save her. Oh Ethan!! I have always like Ethan, but I like him even more now that we have a Thayer threat. Which I would be totally fine if Emma wanted to try out Thayer for a while too! All in all, I really liked the story, and I can't wait until the next one comes out!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Under the Never Sky
By Veronica Rossi

2.5 out of 5

Aria lives in a futuristic world, where the real, is deadly and dangerous, and the fake is where the safety and fun is. Kept within a pod, for her entire life. Aria lives by going into the Realms, where nothing bad ever happens, it's all just fun. But what happens when Aria and her friends decide to have some fun in the real world?? Bad things. Aria is blamed for something she didn't do, and has been banished to the outside. Without the safety of the Pod, Aria thinks that she will surely die. Enter Peregrine. A savage in Aria's eyes, Perry might be Aria's only chance of survival, and of proving her innocence.

I didn't really like this book. In my opinion, it really is just the cliche, love story. I felt that I knew what was going to happen, from the second I started reading. I liked that they had these heightened senses, that was kind of cool, but I just feel that the whole thing has been done before. People from two different worlds, hate each other, miraculously fall in love, aren't actually allowed to be together, get separated, but there is hope of a happy ending. This is boring. I was never looking forward to reading this book. Sometimes, you're reading and it's like you can't put the book down and it's all that you think about, but not with this one. I would force myself to read it, because all these other people have loved it, and I would get bored, reading the book. I felt that Aria and Perry were both pretty flat characters. The only character who really spoke to me was Roar, he had loyalty, a sense of humor, and he is half of a star crossed lovers disaster. Roar has layers of personality but with Aria and Perry, nothing. They were just pretty, and completely unaware for Aria, and angry and has a ugly nose for Perry.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Now I have never done this before, but I am just too excited to keep this to myself. I mean, come on, Clockwork Princess came out today!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I don't it yet, because I am currently so broke I won't buy my own gum, but I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!!! I will admit that I was a little bit sceptical about this series when it started, but it has lived up to, and exceeded all my expectations. I love Will, Jem, and Tess, and I even find myself enjoying the darling Lightwood boys. For anyone who cares, I am team Will. I just love Will, nothing against Jem--he's great--but Will is just better. I think Jem should get with Cecily, and then Tessa can be with Will. But I don't know. I'm just so excited that it has finally come out! I must purchase it soon, and then I will let you know what I think!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sever (Chemical Gardens #3)
By Lauren DeStefano
3.5 out of 5

Final book in the Chemical Gardens trilogy. We find Rhine back at home with Linden and Cecily. She has recovered from the evil experiments Vaughn did on her, but she still doesn't have any answers. Where is her brother? What about Gabriel? After all her efforts, Rhine is right back where she started. But with her heart full of determination, Rhine sets out into the world to find her brother, and finally, reunite what is left of her family.

I thought that this book was better than the second book, but in mind Wither will always be the best of the bunch. In this book there was a lot more of subtle maneuvering and manipulating to get what one wanted, but no real action. I thought that Rhine is sooo much more mature than she is, and I do love her. She is amazingly realistic about the world she lives in, but at the same time, she never gives up hope. She is a leader of her little world, even though she really didn't want to be one. Having said that, she does not shy away from leading, and she is always thinking about the other above herself. Just to comment on the infamous Chapter 24, I understand how some people could totally freak the fuck about it, it is very sad and unexpected and I did get a little misty eyed, but it is not the worst thing in the world. But maybe that is because I was never a big fan of the ill fated character. All in all, this was a good book, and it did have an appropriate and fulfilling ending. I think my only problem with it was that there was not enough Gabriel--and Jenna, but she is not present for obvious reasons--but other than that, it was terrific.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Unravel Me (Shatter Me #2)
By Tahereh Mafi
 4 out of 5

Unravel Me picks up almost right where Shatter Me leaves off. Adam and Juliette are now a part of Omega Point, and they have agreed to fight against Warner and his army. But promises are easier said then done. As Juliette struggles to control her Energy, and learn how to use it to her advantage, Adam becomes more reserved and distant. Will their love be able to last through the strains of war? And what of the mysterious Warner who proclaimed his undying love for Juliette? Don't worry, he's still out there, causing trouble for civilians and Juliette. As the imminent war approaches, Juliette, Adam, and Kenji are going to have to work together in order to survive, but will they be able to survive all the obstacles thrown at them??

I have always been, and continue to be, a member of Team Adam. I love Adam so much, he is perfect. But, I understand how some people can side with Team Warner. In this one, we learned sooo much more about Warner, and I did begin to like him as I was reading it. I thought this book was amazing, just like Shatter Me The writing style was the same, and that is one thing that I looooove about this series. The writing style is like being in a poetic dream. It's so pretty and descriptive, but at the same, it doesn't drag down the story like descriptions in other books do. This book had a lot more complexity to it's plot, and a lot more character growth within Juliette. I thought it was a really good sequel, not as good as Shatter Me in my opinion, but it was still excellent.