Monday, October 14, 2013

The Name of the Star
By Maureen Johnson

3.5 out of 5

Rory is a Louisiana girl who, due to parents work transfers, is now going to school in London, England. Rory is a complete outsider, but she soon befriends her roommate Jazza, and the cute prefect Jerome. And then the murders start. Exact replicas to the Jack the Ripper murders, but it couldn't be Jack, could it? After a severe choking experience, Rory starts seeing people no one else can: ghosts. Is it possible that Jack the Ripper's ghost is on the prowl and recreating his own killings? And if he is, how do you kill a ghost?

Really good and really interesting. I didn't really know what was going on until about half way through the book, but I feel like in a good ghost story, you're not supposed to know what is going on. I liked all the characters, especially Jazza and Jerome, and it made me really interested in the story of Jack the Ripper. Being American, the story of Jack the Ripper is not as well known as it is in England, so it was cool to read about something unfamiliar. Also, I felt that I could relate to the book because like Rory, I am also living at school, away from everything I have ever known. I understood Rory's reservations and nervousness, and I liked the way she dealt with it and put herself out there. All in all, a very cool book, with suspense, and moments of humor, and a little bit of teenage snogging. It did seem to end on a bit of an abrupt note, so I am wondering if it could become a series, or if a sequel is planned.

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