Friday, December 20, 2013

The Final Warning (Maximum Ride #4)
By James Patterson


2.5 out of 5

We catch up with the flock in Washington D.C., where they are talking to national representatives and trying to decide what to do next. Luckily--or not so luckily--they don't have to wait very long to decide. Their safety in D.C. is short lived and the flock is on the run again.  But then an interesting opportunity comes about. The flock is invited to work with a team of scientists to  stop global warming. The only downside, the research takes place in Antarctica! The flock must bundle up if they want to have any chance of saving the world. But even at the bottom of the planet, our favorite flock of flying kids isn't safe for long. Can Max and her friends get out alive, or is this the end of the road?

I cannot believe James Patterson turned this story into a call to action about Global Warming! Are you freaking kidding me? Not happy. This was definitely the weakest book in the series for me. The book is short, the plot is, loose, and the characters are thrown in willy-nilly without any development. Like this Uber-Director. What was his story? Why didn't he have a body? How did he create this "army" of robots to carry out his dirty work? And the scientists, I never even bothered to learn all of their names. When something would happen to one of them, I wouldn't know if that was the one Fang was crushing on or not. And I'm not even go into the exploding pizza box that was NEVER resolved! Honestly I felt like James Patterson was tired with this series--and wanted to move onto The Dangerous Days of Daniel X which I have read and liked--and he just gave up on Max and her story. It was disappointing, and I'm sad that it had such a downfall.

Now, that being said, I am too invested in this series to just give up. And plus I have to rest of the series here with me, so, why not? I will carry on, and finish the series. Even if that means I have to post bad review after bad review.

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