Friday, July 4, 2014

Days of Blood and Starlight (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #2)
By Laini Taylor

5 out of 5

With the start of the first book, Karou and Akiva have both disappeared into the world of angles and chimera. But they are not together, far from it. Karou has realigned herself with the White Wolf, and is beginning the impossible task of earning her people's forgiveness, and resurrecting the chimera. And Akiva? Akiva is mourning his loss of Karou (again) while he follows his orders from his position in the seraphim army. But things are never as simple as they should be. Both sides are using guerilla warfare, attacking innocent civillians, and there will be no mercy for anyone. Unless, there is a change. From both sides. But will Akiva and Karou be able to convince anyone this is possible, when they barely believe it themselves? Or has the actions of both sides just been too much for any sort of peace, between breeds, and lovers?

This was both difficult and very easy to read. Difficult because the things that happened, are not what I wanted to happen. But easy, because it was just so good. This was the type of book that I would think about during the day, while driving home, while watching the World Cup on TV. It was a book that I wanted, needed to read. Straight from the beginning, it hooked me, maybe even more than the first book did. Karou and Akiva are such deep characters with so much history and development that I felt what they were feeling. I cringed for them, I yearned for them, and of course, I hoped for them, and I still do. I can't wait to read the third (and final?) book in the series and see what happens next!

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