Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Insurgent (Divergent #2)
By Veronica Roth

3 out of 5

Dauntless is in shambles. Half of the Dauntless have allied themselves with the Erudite while the other half is desperately trying to find other followers to help them. Tris and Tobias contact the factionless in hopes of their support, but will they get what they want? Candor and Amity and still standing, as well as Abnegation, but will they be willing to help the depleted Dauntless or will they stand by and let Erudite collapse the entire faction system? And on top of all of that will the secrets Tris carries ruin her relationships with friends like Christina, and her romance with Tobias?

So sorry!! I finished this book like a week ago and I just completely forgot to write a review. Well that's my summer mind for you. Anyway, Insurgent. I thought that this was a good second book. It was interesting and it developed the story instead of just setting things up. Tris can be a little whiny at times, and she unnecessarily keeps secrets which only leads her to more trouble--we know she doesn't have an aptitude for Candor but seriously girl, lets not lie to absolutely everyone. But its a good book, bad versus evil, love overcoming all, friendships tested, small trips into family history, this book is all encompassing, and it does it well. Also just found out that the third book, Convergent (unofficial title), is supposed to come out in October 2013. Can't wait!!

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