Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pretty Little Liars
By Sara Shepard

3 out of 5

Ali was the leader of five fearless friends, that is until she disappeared. Now three years later, the four remaining girls are no longer friends, and are leading very different lives. Hanna went from loser to Queen Bee controlling all the gossip that flows through Rosewood's halls. But is the old Hanna still there right under the surface, trying to get out? Spencer is all excited about moving into the barn-turned-into-guest-house until her sister suddenly moves in with her super hot boyfriend. But what happens if the boyfriend prefers Spencer to her sister? Aria returned from a year long move to Iceland, and met a nice guy at a local bar. They really connected in the girls bathroom, but what will become of their relationship when he turns out to be her English teacher? And Emily, seems to have everything going for her until a new girl, Maya, moves into Ali's old house. What will happen to Emily if she decides that girls are more her style and she's no longer interested in competitive swimming? Alison has been gone for three years, and she's still holding secrets over these four's heads.

I know that I am so far behind as far as Pretty Little Liars, but I just recently got into the show, and I wanted to read the books. This was actually pretty good. Someone told me that the tv show follows the books pretty closely, which is good, because I am completely lost with the show! So they aren't bad books, but I'm just reading them to figure out what is going on in the show.

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