Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tiger's Voyage
By Colleen Houck

2.5 out of 5

Third book in the Tiger's Curse series. Ren's memory has been wiped clean on Kelsey, and he doesn't even want to be around her. As Kelsey deals with heartbreak, their journey must continue on to the next challenge. In this one the team learns how to dive from Texas born, boy next door Wes, who both the brothers detest. Kelsey, Kishan, and Ren also battle a brotherhood of dragons, and the evil Lokesh is hot on their trail at every turn. They will complete the task, but what about Kelsey and Ren's relationship. Will they be able to overcome their obstacles and love each other, or will Kelsey give up on Ren and go with golden-eyed Kishan?

I find Kelsey slightly annoying. She has no self esteem--she never thinks she is good enough for Ren or Kishan--she would rather use the golden fruit and the divine scarf to do all of the work for her--instead of cooking for herself or, god forbid, shopping. And she has no authority over her wants or desires. She just blindly follows after the brothers, doing whatever they want--gushing over their beauty and then feeling infinitely guilty for liking one more over the other. She panics over every little thing, but then she instantly begins to enjoy whatever it is that she was so scared to do. Plus, she is constantly surrounded by gorgeous men (based on descriptions) and yet she is not happy. She flirts endlessly with all of them but if it gets more serious than cute antics, she clams up.  In my opinion Kelsey should get some balls, make a few tough decisions and stop being such a whiny bitch. Thank you for allowing me to rant about this, now I will tell you what I think about the actual book.

I really do like the storyline of this series. The idea of two princes captive in this curse that they are slowly working through and undoing makes for a very good story. I like the different personalities they meet along the way and the different challenges that the group must face together.The interweaving of myth and legend with the princes and Kelsey is balanced perfectly, I never feel like I'm reading a text book, but it also relates directly to what the group is doing. I really do like the story, and that is why I will read Tiger's Destiny when it comes out in September, but I just can't stand Kelsey. If I were her I would either have waited forever for Ren and not been afraid to tell both the brothers that I love Ren more than Kishan, or I would have ditched them both and gone for the gorgeous southern gentleman, Wes, the scuba instructor.

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