Thursday, August 16, 2012

Flawless (Pretty Little Liars #2)
By Sara Sheppard

3 out of 5

Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily have reconnected because of their best friend's, Ali, death. And the very personal and threatening texts they are all receiving. Each one of them is unwilling to share the their secrets, but they agree that they have to figure out who A is if they ever want to get past this. But then Toby Cavanaugh is back in town, and looking good. Three years away from Rosewoods prying eyes, and now he's suddenly back? Could Toby be A? He does have a reason not to like Ali and her band of friends.

As you know, I am only reading these books so that I can understand what is going on in the TV show. But, I have recently found seasons 1 & 2 online so I will no longer be reading the books. The book is good, but it is too confusing to watch season 1, while reading the book, and keeping up with season 3. I am in Pretty Little Liar overload! I can barely remember who is bad and who is good anymore. So one of them had to go, and the books are getting the boot! There are plenty of other amazing books out there for me to read, I don't have time to read what I can easily see. Sorry

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