Monday, May 6, 2013

Perfect Scoundrels (Heist Society #3)
By Ally Carter

4.5 out of 5

Third book in the Heist Society series, we meet up with Kat, Hale, and Gabrielle as they are working a job in Argentina. But right at the most important part, Hale announces that he has to leave. Kat is furious, but when she finds out why Hale left, she feels so sad for him. Hale's grandmother, Hazel, has passed away, and her will, the company goes to him. But Kat has a sneaking suspicion that the will is a fake. Can Kat fix this wrong, and keep her boyfriend?? Or will she lose both of her marks?

I thought this book was really good. I liked the fact that this job was more personal to Hale because it forced Kat to admit her emotions for him and make decisions with him in mind. There was so much going on, you have trouble keeping up--but that's the point. You're not supposed to know what's happening, and you're getting tricked right along side Garrett and Natalie. Chapter 33 was adorable! Absolutely my favorite part of the book!

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