Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Angels and Demons
By Dan Brown
3 out of 5

The first, and slightly lesser known, story of Robert Langdon's adventures starts out with a midnight call from a top secret location. Robert Langdon is summonded to scientific comunity CERNin Switzerland to aid in a murder investigation. Langdon's immense knowledge in the ancient Illuminatus cult is needed, but it seems that the Illuminati have resufaced, and they have lots of plans. The killing of Catholic Cardinals, and the ultimate destruction of Vatican City using one of CERN's own deadly creations. Will Robert Langdon be able to out smart the Illuminati and save the day? Or will he perish along with everything and everyone else in Vatican City?

I have wanted to read specifically The DaVinci Code, but really the entire series for a while now. I asked some people and they said to start with Angels and Demons instead of going straight to The DaVinci Code.  I thought that the book was pretty good. It did lag a bit in spots, but when the action really got moving, it was hard to put down. Also, it kept me in suspense right until the end, I never saw it coming!

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