Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just One Day
By Gayle Forman
4 out of 5

Allyson is a follower. She has followed her mother's every wish, and has never strayed. And she's never really wanted to. But on a summer trip with her best friend to Europe that's all going to change. In Shakespeare's own England, Allyson meets Willem. Tall, mysterious, and very charming, the Dutch boy steals Allyson's attention when she first sees him perform A Twelfth Night. But then when he's on Allyson's train the next day, is it an accident? Or fate? As Allyson and Willem take on a 24hour whirlwind adventure through the streets of Paris the question turns to the inevitable, can you fall in love with someone in one day? And how well can you ever really know anyone?

I thought that this book was so cute and it was such an enjoyable read. I have read Gayle Forman's other books If I Stay and Where She Went and I would say that all of her books have the same style. The are such easy reads, that you don't even feel the pages sliding past your fingertips. And when you finally get to the end, you fell hollow and empty because you don't want the stories to end. Just One Day was the same way. I loved every word, and when I finished I couldn't believe that it was already over. I will say that the first section of the book has all the aspects of a great love story, but then the second section is like a completely different book. It does all get pulled together, but it was a little sketchy there for a moment. I can't stand anyone wallowing in their own pity, so I was glad that Allyson got over that right quick. Can't wait for Just One Year to see Willem's side of the story, and hopefully find out what happened after the kind of cliffhanger ending!

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