Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Diviners
By Libba Bray

1.5 out of 5

Evie O'Neill comes to New York City with big plans and a secret talent. Growing up in the 1920's, Evie was just to big for her small town, but that's not the real reason she's here. She now lives with her uncle and she thinks that her life will finally be everything she wanted it to be. But then the murders start. First just one, but then another and another. And the weird thing is, the murders look a lot like the ones from years ago, the work of the Pentacle Killer, John Hobbes. In a world where people can do much more than their peers, these talents will be called on the solve a murder, and save the world from becoming hell. Will Evie be able to do it? Or will she become the Pentacle Killer's greatest sacrifice??

This was not what I was expecting out of Libba Bray. I have read a lot of her other books, and while I don't like her panache for killing off major characters, I have always loved her books. But not this one! I was so excited for this book, and it just did not live up to expectations. No major characters died right at the end, stabbing me right in the heart, but really nothing happened at the end of the book. They fix the major issue of the book, whatever that's fine, and there is like six more chapters where NOTHING happens!! How can that even happen?? And not even does nothing happen, the same nothing happens. Every single chapter has someone standing, usually looking off into the distance, saying that "a storm is coming" and that "we have to prepare". Yeah after the fourth time I got! Bad shit is coming! Stop pulling the blindfolds over the Diviner's eyes and get them ready!!

Sam Lloyd was my favorite character, and he was such a waste. He kind of floundered about, like Libba Bray wanted a funny, lively character but didn't know how to work him into the text. And I hated the last chapter!! How dare Evie!

All in all, this book was too long, and while there was action, it was spread out over pages and pages about the gathering mist, passing clouds, and cryptic warnings that are never explained. Why, just why would I even care?

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