Sunday, January 5, 2014

Champion (Legend #3)
By Marie Lu

 5 out of 5

The final book in the Legend trilogy, Day is living in San Francisco and June is living in Denver. It has been 8 months since their passionate and painful separation. Day is undergoing treatment for his brain tumor, but none of them are proving to be particularly successful. Day is doing his best to forget June, but then she calls him, asking him to come to Denver for a secret meeting. Day could never refuse June so he packs up Eden and heads to Denver. From there things spiral out of control. Day's condition is worsening, and he can no longer keep it a secret, the Colonies are attacking and there is no help in sight for the Republic. Will June and Day make it through their most recent set of obstacles, or is it too much this time?

Wow! What an ending! Marie Lu sure knows how to give every reader a heart attack. She ripped out my heart and then sheepishly gave it back to me. So much happened, but the book never felt rushed. Everything flowed together great, as always. The characters were intense and vibrant, causing "eeks"of panic, and uncontrollable smiles from me. I love the ending, it's not the magic fairy tale, everything is instantly perfect, but it is a good ending, and is very appropriate for the book. The end is true to the characters, and I am so happy! Having said that, I haven't cried this hard about a book since The Fault in Our Stars.

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