Wednesday, October 3, 2012

By Lauren Oliver

3 out of 5

Lena lives in a world were love is a disease, and everyone is cured at 18. Lena has waited 17 long years to get to her cure, she only has 95 days to go, and she can't wait. Lena wants to be cured, until she meets Alex. Suddenly everything is much more confusing than Lena ever thought it was. Like the fact that people are out, living in the Wild, uncured and absolutely fine. Or like how the government lies to everyone through their rules and regulations, keeping them caged in, instead of keeping danger out. Will Lena give up everything she has ever known because of love? Will she have the strength to become a resistor, or will she go through with her procedure and become another emotionless clone of everyone else?

Alex is by far my favorite character. In my opinion, he is the only one with a personality. To me, everyone is just so flat and bland, which is the point. They are supposed to be unemotional because of the supposed risks of the disease of love, but really, Lena is flat, Hana, tries but still falls flat. Everyone in Lena's family, flat as hell. But Alex, vibrant, alive, single handily breathing life into this story. Which it is a fairly decent story. Another dystopia, government is lying to us, story, but it was still good. The lack of love was original, and the understanding that there are resistors, people who go against was refreshing. So in summation: good, not great.

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