Wednesday, November 13, 2013

School's Out--Forever (Maximum Ride #2)
By James Patterson

3.5 out of 5

The second book starts pretty much where the last book left off. The flock is heading to Washington DC to search for the parents and find out some answers. But of course, they run right into some Erasers. Flying Erasers. Fights ensue and Fang ends up injured. With nothing else to do, they have to take him to a hospital. There they meet Anne. Anne is an FBI agent who seems to want to help the flock. But is she really trustworthy? And how much does she actually know about the School, the flock, and the whitecoats? Will the flock be safe with Anne? Max doesn't think so, but she just doesn't have much of a choice.

It has been a while since I read The Angel Experiment so I was a little rusty when the story started, but I was able to jump right back in. I was worried that I would be too mature to read these books, which are told from the point of view of 14 year old Maximum Ride, but it wasn't an issue. Max is wise beyond her years and it shows in everything she does. I still like the story and everything that happens. An enjoyable read, that reminded me of my family, and the first time I read the first book in this series. I love the interactions between Fang and Max and I can't wait for that to build, and hopefully come to a happy ending!

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