Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fever (Chemical Gardens #2)
By Lauren DeStefano

3 out of 5

This is the second book of the Chemical Gardens Trilogy. Rhine and Gabriel have finally escaped from the mansion, but they aren't really free. Challenges face them at every turn, and they feel more trapped than ever. Will they survive out in the real world, or will they wish that they were still safely inside the mansion?

I didn't think that this book was a good as Wither. Wither was just so amazingly good that Fever doesn't measure up. There are certain things I like more about Fever, like the touching, personal moments that Rhine and Gabriel share, but overall Wither was better. Can't wait for the third book. I'm hoping that Fever is just suffering from the typical second-book-of-trilogy-lag that is often found in trilogies. I'm thinking that it is, because Fever definately set up a lot of things for the big finally!

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