Friday, July 26, 2013

Beautiful Souls
By Sarah Mullanix

3 out of 5

Becca thinks that she is a perfectly normal teenager, living her boring life, having an adorable crush on her best friends, normal. But things are about to get very not normal. First come the weird notes and the unexplainable visions and dreams. And those new kids are definitely not normal. Soon Becca is entered into a world of warlocks and witches, and Leo, Becca's best friend and boyfriend, is a warlock too! Everything seems fine, Becca is having fun with her newfound powers, but danger lurks around every corner and she has to keep herself and her family safe.

This took me forever to read, which I feel really bad about because I was asked to review this, but I just really struggled with reading this.

The beginning of the story was just, in my opinion, really not good. The characters were shallow and they seemed to flit from emotion to emotion without much of a second thought. Also I felt that Sara Mullanix had a lot of great ideas for the story but she just kind of threw them all out there at once and didn't really give them time to develop. I kept with the story because I did like the story and because I was asked to, but I really didn't enjoy it.

Then at some point, the story got better. The second half of the book is way better than the first half of the story and I really found myself enjoying it and wanting to read it instead of forcing myself to read the book. All the different plot points came together and the story and the characters really deepened and became something with a lot of potential.

I feel like as I read this, I saw Mullanix grow and mature as a writer. The story is so much better at the end than it is at the beginning, and now that I am done, I am interested in reading the next book in the series and continuing with this story.


  1. Interesting plot. Found you on Goodreads. New follower.