Thursday, July 25, 2013

Breaking Point (Article 5 #2)
By Kristen Simmons

4 out of 5

Ember and Chase have joined the Resistance in Knoxville and are hoping to lie low until the FBR forgets all about them and they can make their way to the coast and safety. But that plan goes awry when Ember is named as one of the FBR's most wanted and one of the top suspects for the sniper taking out the MM all over town. Now Chase and Ember have to decide, what are they going to do? Chase wants to run for safety, but Ember still needs to help Sean get Rebecca back. And then everyone's least favourite  MM guard shows up in the middle of everything. Tucker Morris is back and nobody knows what he's going to do. Can Chase and Ember stay together, stay safe, and accomplish all of their goals?

This was such a great sequel to Article 5. It had the same gripping, amazing quality that the first one did, but the story is different and mature and fabulous. I really like all the action and all the complex emotions that go on in this book. The fact that sometimes, you do have to work with someone you don't trust is such a valuable life lesson and we see Ember learn that in every page. Also we see Chase and Ember's relationship really grow and mature, which is so cool because I love those two and I think they are so cute! I am really excited to read the finale, Three, which comes out in February 2014!

ok also, here is my favorite quote from the book which I think completely sums up Chase and Ember's relationship and reminds everyone that even though they are both carrying guns and on the run and have Tucker Morris riding in the back seat of the car, they are still to teenagers who are in a relationship together.

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